Proposed VNC Resolution on homeless housing project
Dear Canal Neighbors,

Many of you have asked what you can do to help stop Mike Bonin's plan to develop the Venice Blvd median parking lot as housing for the chronically homeless. One of the first steps, for us in the Canals as well as for other Venice residents, is to get a resolution in front of the Venice Neighborhood Council and have them vote on it. In order to do that, we must have a critical mass of signatures and addresses from residents stating their opposition to this project.

Below is a resolution that states some basic facts of the project, and spells out a few reasons why the project needs community input. Please show your support and sponsor this resolution by adding your name and address to the form below. We will send these names and addresses to the VNC; the VNC will then put this item on their agenda and vote on it. We will keep you all posted on progress.

Thank you very much,
The Venice Canals Association



Whereas, the councilman of the 11th District has introduced a Motion stating that it would be prudent for the City to seek proposals to redevelop City Parking Lot #731from Pacific Avenue to Dell Avenue for homeless housing; and

Whereas, the councilman has stated that the site could contain as many as 90 units of housing for the chronically homeless; and

Whereas, on April 11, 2016, the Transportation Committee of the City Council adopted a report directing the City Administrative Officer and the Transportation Department (DOT) to prepare a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the development City Parking Lot #731 for homeless housing; and

Whereas, the City Council on May 25, 2016, approved this report and referred it to the City Administrative Officer and DOT for preparation of the RFP; and

Whereas, there have been no public hearings in the Venice community on this concept; and

Whereas, the City in 2014 issued a Request for Information (RFI) from firms for recommendations for re-development of six of the city-owned parking lots in Venice and that one of the responses to the RFI proposed on Parking Lot #731 a mixed use project that included 35% affordable housing, market rate housing, automated parking to produce 1,400 parking spaces and some ground floor retail and office space, and this proposal was not submitted to the Venice community for consideration; and

Whereas, the sale of the parking lot would produce revenue to the City of Los Angeles of approximately $55 million to $95 million (depending on zoning and other factors), which would allow the City to finance three to four times more housing units for the chronically homeless at an inland location which has dramatically lower land costs; and

Whereas, there are calls in Venice to halt the loss of our artists caused by increased rents and whereas other communities have fostered and protected their artist community and brand by providing affordable housing/studio facilities for low income artists; and

Whereas there exists a strong, historic need in Venice for additional parking for both residents and visitors along the Venice Boulevard corridor; now

Therefore be it resolved that the Venice Neighborhood Council calls upon Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilman Mike Bonin to halt the preparation of the RFP so that Venice residents may consider and comment on any and all proposals for the development of Parking Lot #731; and

It is further resolved that the Venice Neighborhood Council calls upon the City Planning Department to conduct in the Venice community a design charrette to allow all those who have proposals for Parking Lot #731 to present said proposals and for the residents of Venice to comment on the proposals; and

It is further resolved that the Venice Neighborhood Council calls upon the City Planning Department to mail notices of the design charrette to all residents living within 1,000 feet of Parking Lot #731 so they may fully participate in consideration of the future of this public land; and

It is further resolved that the Venice Neighborhood Council calls upon the City of Los Angeles to utilize any and all proceeds, either from sale or ground lease, of Parking Lot #731 for the construction of shelters, transitional housing facilities, low income housing and/or permanent, supportive housing for the homeless at locations that provide the most number of beds/units for the dollars realized from the sale or lease of the land.
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