Year 3 - 6 Student Survey: Mr Green
Questions 1 - 25 invite student feedback for our PIP. Questions 26 - 39 are from Bounceback - Student Perceptions of Classroom Connectedness.
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My teacher tells me what I am going to be learning about and what I should be able to do. *
I know what to do in class - the instructions are clear. *
My teacher tells me how well I am doing in activities. *
My teacher notices when I succeed with learning tasks. *
My class has a negotiated set of behaviour expectations. *
My teacher encourages us to follow the behaviour expectations, and reminds us of the expectations. *
If a student does not meet behaviour expectations, the teacher notices and reminds them. They give a consequence if appropriate. *
My teacher always knows what is going on in our classroom. *
My classroom is a good environment to learn. *
My classroom feels organised. *
My teacher builds on my prior knowledge by reminding me of what I already know or what has already been taught. *
In my class, students help each other to learn. *
My teacher encourages me to fix my mistakes or to improve my work. *
If I get confused, my teacher helps me understand. *
My teacher has lots of ways to explain things. *
My teacher will help me when I need it. *
My teacher makes learning enjoyable/interesting. *
My teacher encourages me to answer questions and to share my knowledge with the class. *
When I answer a question, my teacher asks me to explain my reasoning. *
I have the opportunity to move around in the classroom learning environment. *
My teacher is excited about teaching and learning. *
My teacher takes an interest in me. *
My teacher cares about me. *
Strongly Agree
My home learning helps me to learn or to practise my skills. *
In class, the difficulty level of the work set for me is:
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Most of the students in this class like each other.
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I like being in this class.
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People in this class hardly ever treat each other in a mean way.
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There are very few fights among students in this class.
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Students in this class are kind towards each other.
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The students and the teacher in this class know each other pretty well.
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No one feels left out and lonely in this class.
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This is a safe class to be in because no one tries to hurt you or your feelings.
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I look forward to being with the other students in this class.
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I feel like I belong and am accepted in this class.
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Put-downs rarely happen in this class.
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Our class gets on well with our teacher.
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Most students in this class work with each other to solve problems that happen in the class.
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Most students in this class care about what happens to their classmates.
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