Refood Awareness Program برنامج ريفود التوعوي
Are you passionate about food waste and raising awareness about it? Do you want to be a Refood representative in the Refood Awareness Program? Join us by registering your information and uploading your CV.
هل أنت مهتم بقضية هدر الطعام ونشر الوعي بخصوصه؟ هل تريد أن تكون ممثلاً لريفود في برنامج ريفود التوعوي؟ إذاً شاركنا بتسجيل بياناتك وتحميل سيرتك الذاتية

Refood Awareness Program is a program that targets schools and universities in Kuwait. Refood representatives will have to go schools and raise awareness about food waste and talk about Refood.

Some of the qualifications needed to be part of the program:
• Be dedicated and hard worker
• Be available during morning and/or evening time
• Prepare materials and develop awareness programs
• Have good computer skills especially at MS PowerPoint and Excel
• Have good communication, presentation and public speaking skills
• Attend school meetings, present lectures and join booths at schools

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

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