TeachersFirst Materials Request
If you are planning a professional development session, graduate class, or workshop where you will share TeachersFirst, use this form to request TeachersFirst materials to support your session.

This offer is for U.S. addresses only. We are sorry, but the costs of international shipping are prohibitive. If you are outside the U.S., please use the Contact Us link in the footer of all TeachersFirst pages to request materials, and we will see what we can do to help.
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Please give us page titles, section titles, urls, or a general description of your focus in sharing TeachersFirst.
About how many teachers/educators will attend your session(s)? *
We may not be able to provide one card per attendee, but we will do our best. Please be sure that any materials you hand out will actually be used and not land in a trash can. We are a non-profit and prefer to have an impact on teachers, not landfills!
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Please help us know with whom you will share TeachersFirst. Check all that apply.
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Please tell us where you first learned about TeachersFirst
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We will verify ALL requests via email before sending anything out. We will not share this with anyone.
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We don't plan to use this unless there is a problem. Some shipping companies require a contact number. We will not share this with anyone.
Further information
If you have any further information to provide about your session or how you use TeachersFirst, feel free to share. We LOVE to hear from our users and share these "stories" with our funders (anonymously, of course).
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