Here we show you how to find testamentary offers

The testamentary qualities are excellent because salesmen who are descendants are motivated. Properties can be bought at a discount because heirs are generally busy selling the assets and distributing the profits. Some heirs need court approval if the inheritance was passed with wills to the heirs. Generally, when the property is owned by a husband and wife, the title is transferred to the remaining spouse and does not need court approval.

There are several resources to use to find a sequence property that includes the following:

County Office
legal records
Real estate planning and inheritance and paralegal lawyers.
Realtors and MLS
Drive around the neighborhood looking for vacant or abandoned properties

Contact with the heirs.

The court record will include the name of the fine administrator and contact information if a formal succession process is filed. Then write a letter to the executor presenting himself and informing him that he is interested in buying the house.

Working with a real estate agent is a smart way to search for a will, as most of the time real estate is listed with a local real estate agent and advertised on MLS. The heirs generally live outside the area and do not have time to try to sell the house alone.

How is the sale?

Switch sales are "as is" sales. The heirs generally will not make repairs and are interested in liquidating the estate as soon as possible to distribute the assets to the other heirs. If the heirs did not live in the home, they are not required to provide you with any declaration of transfer of the property. It is up to you to perform a physical inspection.


If you are bidding on a property to be approved by the court, there is a change that another could offer at the hearing. So be prepared to pay a higher price for the home than the one initially offered, in case other bidders attend the hearing and submit an offer. If no one makes an offer, the court is likely to approve your offer. Your real estate agent can advise you on the best price you can offer.

If you are not involved in a will that is approved by the court, simply submit an offer through a real estate agent if the property is listed on a real estate agent or make an offer directly to the heirs giving it to the executor if there is is not related to the real estate agent.


If legal approval is not required, offer a reasonable offer and close quickly. Heirs are more likely to accept your offer if it closes quickly. If you have cash, even better. They will usually sell the assets and liquidate them as soon as possible, so use them to your advantage.

If legal approval is required, offer a little more if someone else tries to abuse you in court, but not too high to pay too much. Your real estate agent can help you with this strategy for more information visit this website
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