Transportation Needs & Priorities Survey
Region 6 Resource Partners is gathering input for the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) and local decision makers on regional transportation needs and priorities. The information contained in this survey can help influence how federal transportation funds are used. The responses to this survey also can be used to help guide how the IDOT invests state resources within the region.

Region 6 Resource Partners desires to obtain input from all who live, work and play in the region. We hope that you will spend 5 minutes to complete this important transportation survey. There will be no link between your survey responses and your identity.
Which county do you primarily live and/or work?
If you live in the Hardin, Marshall, Poweshiek, or Tama County region, how long have you lived there?
Which best describes where you live?
What is the zip code of your home address?
Your answer
How far do you travel to get to your place of employment (one-way)?
How often do you use the following methods of transportation to get from your home to work, shopping, medical, and leisure destinations? For each transportation method, mark whether it is your, primary method, secondary method, occasional use, or never or infrequent use.
Primary method of transportation
Secondary method of transportation
Occasional use
Never or infrequently use
Car/SUV/Truck - drive alone
Car/SUV/Truck - carpool
Biking with street traffic
Biking on recreational trails
Public Transit
Taxi or ride share service
Would you like to use a different method of transportation to reach your destination instead of your current method of transportation?
Are there issues you face when traveling in the Region 6 area? We want to know! Please tell us where you have experienced safety issues, roadway congestion, connectivity issues while traveling in Hardin Marshall, Poweshiek or Tama Counties. You can also describe where bicycle and pedestrian issues exists, or where you wish you could walk or bike. Describe the location and concern below:
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TRANSPORTATION ALTERNATIVES - For the following statements, please mark whether you strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, or strongly disagree.
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Bike lanes are important to me.
Multi-use trails separated from a roadway are important to me.
Walking paths and sidewalks that are well-maintained and visually appealing are important to me.
Active forms of transportation (walking, biking) are important to me.
Region 6 should develop programs for carpooling.
Region 6 should develop programs for shared rides to major employer locations.
Region 6 should develop programs for safe walking or biking to school.
EXISTING PUBLIC TRANSIT OR TAXI - For the following transportation options, please mark whether the option meets the local need, does not meet local need or is not needed in your community. Consider how households without access to a personal vehicle may access grocery, shopping, medical, work, and leisure destinations.
Local need met
Local need not met
Service not needed
Unsure or don't know
IN TOWN: A fixed route bus service provided daily for in-town trips
OUT OF TOWN: Bus or other service for destinations out of town to larger metro areas
IN TOWN OR OUT OF TOWN: Peoplerides Public Transit - scheduled 24 hr ahead, service days and hours vary.
IN TOWN OR OUT OF TOWN: Taxi service, ride sharing (Uber, Lyft) or other on-demand service
EXISTING ROADS AND BRIDGES - For the following statements, please mark whether you strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, or strongly disagree.
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
Unsure or don't know
Existing bridges (state, county, and city) are adequately maintained.
Existing state roads are adequately maintained.
Existing county roads are adequately maintained.
Existing city local roads are adequately maintained.
Keeping in mind transportation funds are limited, please mark whether you feel each transportation option is very important, important, neutral, somewhat important, or not important.
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important
Unsure or don't know
Maintain and improve existing road system and bridges
Maintain and improve sidewalks
Improve road safety
Build bike lanes along roads
Build multi-use recreation trails
Fund safe routes to school projects - walkability
Expand public transit service
Offer more transit services for elderly and disabled
Create carpool/vanpool programs
Maintain and improve airports
Maintain and improve railway system
What is your age?
What sector best describes your interest/involvement in transportation in the region?
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