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請留下聯絡資料,我們會於辦公時間內(星期一至日 0900-1800)盡快以Whatsapp 聯絡您,了解搬屋要求。
Please leave your contact info and we will get back to you via Whatsapp during working hours (Daily 0900-1800).
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搬屋日期 Moving Date(請於至少5天前預約 Please complete reservation in advance for at least 5 days) *
首選搬運時間 Preferred Moving Time
現址 (大廈名或街名+街號) Current Address *
終點地址 (大廈名或街名+街號) Final Address *
是否需要提供紙皮箱送到府上(20個起開始安排運送)? 如有, 需要多少個? Would you need us to deliver cardboard boxes to your home address (available for 20 or +)? If SO, how many? *
搬運過程是否需要經過樓梯?如有,多少層?Are there staircases involved during the process of moving? If SO, how many FLOORS or STEPS? *
是否需要搬運大型貴重傢俬及物品:琴、夾萬、玻璃飾櫃、水晶燈、大魚缸、雲石、酸枝、紅木或歐陸宮廷式?如有,請詳細例明。Is there any large furniture(e.g. piano, safe, aquarium, marble stone or chandelier etc.) to be moved? If SO, please describe. *
是否需要搬運貴重物品, 如古董、藝術品、美酒等等?如有,請詳細例明。 Is there any luxurious or precious goods(e.g. antique, art piece, fine wine etc.) to be handled and moved? If SO, please specify. *
有沒有舊傢俬需要棄置?如有,請詳細例明。 Is there any furniture to be disposed? If SO, please specify. *
有沒有傢俬需要裝拆,才能通過從起點到終點的門或閘或𨋢門?如有,請詳細例明。 Is there any furniture that requires disassembly and assembly to pass through all the doors and gates in between the two addresses? If SO, please specify. *
由停泊點到搬運地點,搬運路程是否超過50米,或須由平台轉𨋢? Does the distance between the loading area and the moving spot exceed 50 meters? Or needed to change the elevator? *
您是從哪個途徑得知此報價專頁?How did you know this quotation page?
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遞交此登記表格,即表示同意GOGOX搬屋服務條款及細則 By submitting this registration form, I ACCEPT the terms and conditions of GOGOX moving services. (https://www.gogox.com/hk/moving-tnc/)
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