CARE Forum Registration - The Arts and Social Justice - Portrayal and reflections on violence against women and children through Dance by Kavitha Krishnan and Jeremiah Choy
Date: Saturday, 29 September, 2018
Time: 4:00 pm - 6 pm

Venue: Open Stage, Library@Esplanade
8 Raffles Avenue, #03-01, Singapore 039802

The Arts & Social Justice is a forum series that aims to feature presentations by and dialogue with artists and practitioners whose works are directed towards or inspired from social issues.

In this session, we feature Maya Dance Theatre (MDT)'s production “Flowers don’t bloom all the time” which explores the social issue of violence against women and children. The production looked at the unflinching stigma and complexities brought upon the survivors who live in constant trauma and fear.
The sharing will be coupled with a dialogue session and a video presentation of the production. The video highlights the artists’ personification of the characters in the stories and the creative process of the work that began in Rumah Banjasari (Solo, Indonesia) with Indonesian co -choreographer Danang Pamungkas and two dancers who played a crucial part in this journey to bring awareness to the issue. The speakers will also share the challenges faced in the creative process and the inspirations and impetus for the creation of the work.

Speakers: Kavitha Krishnan (artistic director), Jeremiah Choy (dramaturg) with dance artists from MDT: Eva Tey and Subastian Tan
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About Kavitha Krishnan
A deep interest in dance and theatre, motivated Kavitha Krishnan to establish Maya Dance Theatre (MDT) in 2006, a professional dance theatre company. Kavitha is trained in Bharathanatyam (Indian classical dance) and has performed in the contemporary dance work, “Realizing Rama”, an ASEAN exchange dance production representing Singapore (2002 to 2007).
MDT brought their unique brand of expression that melds traditional and contemporary to local and international audiences. From 2016, Kavitha and MDT have focused on developing works that address and bring awareness to social issues. Trained as an occupational therapist, Kavitha sees the value of the arts as a medium for communication, activism and as therapy for healing! MDT produces intercultural dance theatre works that are process driven and work with a multi-disciplinary team of diverse artists from Singapore and abroad. As artistic director/resident choreographer of MDT, Kavitha highlights the importance of collaborations as a key source of inspiration and impetus to understand perspectives of different people and cultures. In August 2018, Kavitha and MDT presented the third instalment of the PANCHA series, (a five-part production which draws attention to social issues through female archetypes in relation to nature's elements- Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Aether). The production “PANCHA- Flowers Don't Bloom All the Time” focused on violence against women and children perpetuated by those in their homes!
About Jeremiah Choy
Jeremiah is a trained lawyer who went full time into the arts in 1997. He was the Artistic Curator of Play Den Productions (2009 to 2014), a platform to create theatre pieces that are looking for the Singapore voice with a global appeal. He also directed Sing50, (a concert that celebrates Singapore’s Golden Jubilee), Child-Aid Concerts (2011 to 2015); Singapore Day (Sydney 2013, Shanghai 2015); Spotlight Singapore (Cape Town 2011, Bratislava and Prague 2012, Mexico City 2015); and Gender and Sexuality, Studio 50 (2015). He is still pursuing his passion as a living and loving it.
“Flowers don’t bloom all the time”
“Flowers don’t bloom all the time”
About CARE
The UNESCO-NIE Centre for Arts Research in Education (CARE), housed at National Institute of Education (NIE), is a clearing-house of research on the instrumental benefits of arts in education in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. It is part of a region-wide network of Observatories tasked to collect, analyze, repackage and disseminate research about arts education. In addition to conducting research projects, CARE organizes forums and talks to promote the values of arts in education, support advocacy efforts for mainstreaming the arts in Asian education.
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