Creature College Game Registration
Game Date: December 4-6, 2020
Game Location: Best Western Plus, King of Prussia, PA

The path to becoming a certified lake monster or licensed poltergeist is long. A monster undergoes hundreds of hours of training and years of education before they are allowed to haunt caves or sneak up on children in their bedrooms. In order to prepare monsters for their illustrious careers, Creature College was founded. Creature College prides itself on offering it’s students well rounded curriculum in the Doomanities. When a student enrolls, they unlock the opportunity to study under some of the scaring-world’s most illustrious professors.

CC will be holding a special Homecoming event for it’s students, faculty, and alum. During this week of celebration, the fraternities and sororities of CC will be hosting their annual membership campaigns. The weekend will also feature a variety of intramural sporting events between the students and faculty. To top off the celebration, the CC Homecoming Committee is throwing a spooktacular Monster Ball! You won’t want to miss out on all of these great events and activities. Homecoming will surely take the edge off after a long week of mid-term exams.

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Creature College is a light-hearted weekend role-playing event for the young at heart. This live action, theater style LARP is based on the popular animated series Monster High and the animated movies Monsters, Inc and Monsters University. Come play, come frolic, come laugh and have a ball!
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