::C'est la vie!:: Blogger Application.
Thank you for your interest in blogging for ::C'est la vie!::.
::C'est la vie!:: is a store that sells original mesh apparel.
I do look through my applications every few months to seek possible bloggers.

The application will be reviewed by the owner and its staff and if chosen
Before you submit this form, please make sure that you meet these Minimum requirements.

Blogger Rules
1) Before you apply please ensure that your blog is of extremely high quality, a good following and well established. Quality over quantity of work is preferred.

2) Your blog must be +6months old OR you must have reason to believe I might waive this rule (amazing photos, good traffic etc).

3) You must have an active Flickr in which you post your photos to. No exceptions.

4) Be syndicated with at least 3 feeds

5) Have blogged C'est la vie! items, at least twice in the past.

If you do not meet these Minimum requirements, please DO NOT apply. You will not be accepted.

I will contact you if you’re chosen, and you will be added to the ::C'est la vie!:: blogger group in-world.
Thank you!

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