Premium Spiritual Counselling Questionnaire
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1) Why are you interested in spiritual counselling? Are you curious or do you have a particular life challenge that you would like to focus on during the live session? *
2) How committed are you to overcoming your life challenge? *
I give it very little attention.
I'm obsessed. I want to overcome it
3) How willing would you be to take action on any advice you might receive during a spiritual counselling session? (Assuming that it resonates positively with you and you feel it is possible to implement it in your life right now) *
I never take advice, even if it's positive
If it feels right I'm 100% willing!
4) Have you previously tried spiritual counselling or any energy healing modalities to help you with a particular life challenge? *
5) How did you hear about this free offer? *
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Brilliant! Thank you very much for completing this questionnaire. I will respond to you within a few hours. Talk soon. Mark.
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