R2W Expo 2018: Exhibition Space Booking
We have available booths for sixty (60) organizations, with each booth spanning 3m X 3m. In terms of infrastructure, we would provide you with the following:
± A changing room
± Access to showcase your products at the runway show
± Models to wear your dress (Courtesy ©Modella)
± Mannequins and hangers (for rent at affordable rates)
± Lighting and other decorations
± Product placement in the event brochure (at discounted fees)

± High quality work inside-and-out
± Professional designer
± At least 4 sizes for every garment
± Must exhibit a total of at least 50 garments

You are to provide
± Branding materials and promotional for your booth – our event planning team would be accessible to help you with this.

Exhibition Space Pricing
Size (3m X 3m)  #100, 000

Product Placement
We are also providing you with opportunities to showcase your product line and brand in the exhibition brochure.

Product Placement Brochures  #30, 000 per page

Required – Instruction
Read the terms and condition before you register for the R2W Exhibition.
o As we have written numerous times, the R2W Expo is only meant for organizations who produce clothing and fashion accessories in varying sizes and numbers alone.

Terms and Conditions
o Your organization assures us the following:
o That you produce much materials at a time
o That you would provide materials that can be sold to consumers at the exhibition
o That your representatives would work successfully with the organizers of the exhibition.
o That your showcase products would be ready before and on the day of the event.

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Exhibition Space
Product Placement Brochure (N30,000 per page)
Skye Bank | Account Name: R2W Pioneers | Account No.: 4091082764 | Sort Order: 076151718 ...Kindly send payment confirmation to 08023702898 or 08037175620.
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