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As the landscape fills at Radio Boise, we are increasingly looking for producers to provide feature pieces. These features can run anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes and can be recurring in nature. Full show proposals are still encouraged, just be aware we'll consider them only as openings arise. If you don't hear from us for awhile, please stop by. Below, you can tell us about you and your show ideas. Don’t be intimidated by the following questions — they’re meant to give us a sense of what you want your specialty to be. Answer can be as short or as long as appropriate.
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This can be from call-ins for a talk show, outside input for features, community members who might be particular areas of focus.
What resources do you have to produce your program? *
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How will you keep your show consistent, yet make it different and new every week for 6 months? *
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(Producing an issues-based show or feature every week requires a significant amount of time per week. Come on, convince us that you will be able to fulfill this commitment. We know you want to.)
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Do you listen to Radio Boise? If so, what, if anything, do you like about it? What shows do you regularly listen to? *
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