CoKoCon 2018 Room Party Request Form
Room parties are defined as any open door party (e.g. party, group party, bid party, fan gathering, liquor sampling, filking, etc.), or a closed door party (by invitation only, involving six or more people).

Some basic rules:

1. Open door room parties *must* be located within the party block of the hotel. These are suites that cost $102 per night.

2. All room parties (open or closed) must be pre-registered with the CoKoCon 2018 Party Liaison ( by 1st August, 2018.

3. There are a limited number of rooms in the party block for open parties. These rooms are reserved on a first come, first served basis.

4. If alcohol is present and/or being served, the room owner and party sponsor will be held directly responsible for ensuring that all party attendees imbibing are of legal drinking age.

5. Noise levels must be maintained within reasonable levels (we would prefer to avoid complaints).

6. All attendees must comply with all DoubleTree Phoenix North hotel policies. If a party attendee violates a policy, the individual whose name is on the room registration will be charged any applicable fines and fees.

Please contact the CoKoCon 2018 Party Liaison ( for further details or with any questions.

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Please enter the name of the person who will be hosting this party. Room party coordinators must be registered members of CoKoCon 2018. Memberships may be purchased online at If in doubt, please contact
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Please select the type of party. Open Door parties are open to anyone. Closed Door parties are by invite only.
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Please enter the confirmation number you received from the hotel when booking your suite. If you're holding an open party, our party liaison will ensure that this is transferred to our party block.
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