Make your art life easier. Help make the case for artists to document their work.
Art is more than the final object. The story of a piece of art deepens through supportive documents alongside the finished piece. Documents like CV's and biographies add to the understanding of an artist's life. Artist statements, catalog essays, and exhibition reviews place art in a broader context.

Share your experience as a maker, collector, curator, or archivist on how supportive documentation influenced your relationship to art objects. Your response will inform an upcoming article in Metalsmith Magazine with the goal to encourage emerging artists to consider the value and use of supporting documents.

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Share a story of how biographical documentation helped you better understand an artist's work.
Examples of biographical documentation include an artist CV, an artist biography, or an interview with an artist.
Share a story of how explanatory documentation helped you better understand a piece of art.
Examples of explanatory documentation include an exhibition's wall text, an artist statement, a catalog essay, or a review.
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