Call for Proposals: 2016 LGBTQ Education Summits
These 2 day events will include LGBTQ inclusive professional development through workshops and panels. We will share toolkits and strategies for supporting LGBTQ students, offer social events, and hear brave testimonies that inspire our collective impact. Because leadership development is a key aspect of programming at the summits, we will offer a diverse set of learning experiences and topics aligned with 5 tracks: Direct Student Support, Family and Community Engagement, Policy and Advocacy, School Culture and Climate, and Teacher Preparation. There are three themes that guide what is most meaningful about our Summits: learn with dignity, teach with dignity, and lead with dignity. That’s the essence of #BraveEducation!

Please complete this survey if interested in submitting a proposal for a workshop at one or more of our LGBTQ Education Summits. Acceptance of your proposal will be determined by a number of factors including but not limited to projected attendance or projected interest, impact, and/or originality amid other proposals. We look forward to having some amazing Professional Development and Dialogue at each of our summits.

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We aspire to ensure diversity in backgrounds and life experiences of presenters. Beyond the bio you’ve presented, are there aspects of your identity or life experiences that support your contributions as a presenter?
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Are there special needs (e.g., tech support) you'll have for your workshop?
Because of budgetary constraints we may not be able to accommodate all tech requests. Workshops where low to no tech is needed are encouraged (e.g., panels, workshops, chart paper use, interactive workshops)
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The Deep South Summit will be held in conjunction with the LGBT Institute's Research Symposium. Will you be presenting research there? If not, there may be time still to submit. (see link below)
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