Preferences for Vision Zero Location Priorities
Please review and rank the following Vision Zero location priorities in the order that best reflects your preferences for addressing fatal and severe collisions in Los Angeles. Priority areas are listed on the left. Please review the entire list before ranking them.

Use each number once, so that each column receives only one mark. Feel free to add your own ideas at the bottom
How should the City of Los Angeles prioritize projects that address roadway collisions? *
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2nd Priority
3rd Priority
4th Priority
5th Priority
6th Priority
Not a priority
Severity: The City should address locations with the most severe and fatal injury collisions.
Vulnerability: The City should address collision locations involving children and seniors.
Social Equity: The City should address collisions in communities of concern (low-income, communities of color, and those that have been historically neglected).
Geography: The City should address locations that have the most collisions in each Area Planning Commission, Council District, or other zones throughout the city.
Dangerous Behavior: The City should address collision locations where the most dangerous behavior is exhibited.
Inexpensive & Simple: The City should address locations that can be addressed with the lowest-cost and lowest-complexity treatments.
Is there another way the City should prioritize safety-enhancing projects that is not listed above?
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