Video Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, July 6th || 3pm - 8pm (at the latest)
**childcare provided

A video scavenger hunt is an event where your team will be given an hour and a half to drive all across town completing given tasks. Tasks will be worth differing points. You wont be unable to complete ALL tasks so you must be strategic in what you choose to complete. After “The Hunt” teams will return to the church. We will eat dinner together and watch/judge videos and determine a winning team. This event will be full of laughs and creating memories. may become addicted to the Video Scavenger Hunt.

**A team must consist of only ONE vehicle. A second vehicle will be a second team.

You may register as an individual, partial team, or full team. If you register as an individual or partial team, we will add you to an existing team.

You can register on this site OR at the Welcome Center on Sunday. You may make additions and/or substitutions on your team. This can be done at the Welcome Center OR by calling/emailing Roli in the church office ( // 503.629.8300)

A full team must consist of 4 or more people.

A team must have access to a working vehicle and an iDevice to shoot your video’s (iPhone or iPad)

If you’re registering a team, you must come up with a team name. Something must be determined at registration BUT you can change it later (even the day of the event). Creativity points may be awarded for how you incorporate this into your videos.

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