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The Harvard Dual Language Program is an academic program that enhances the development of bilingualism, biculturalism, and biliteracy. It is our goal that all of our dual language students will graduate college and career ready and be highly skilled to live in a globally competitive economy. This is a program that parents and children choose to take advantage of. Why would your family like to be part of the Harvard Dual Language Program? *
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The Harvard Dual Language Program requires a long-term commitment. This commitment was established based on the number of years needed to become proficient in a second language. Harvard Dual Language also requires that children be in school when school is in session. Extended absences of any kind may result in a child being removed from this opportunity. Do you understand the purpose of this time commitment? *
Are you prepared to make the long-term commitments of time and family involvement to be successful in the dual language program? *
Your child will be learning content in Science, Social Studies, Math and Literacy in both English and Spanish. Half (50%) of your child’s day will be in Spanish and the other half (50%) will be in English grades K-5.Do you understand the 50/50 program model and that your child will be receiving instruction including reading and writing in the Spanish and English learning model? *
Developing content knowledge and communication skills in two languages is a slow and gradual process. The program is designed based on the process of second language acquisition. The design and goals of the program are such that students will be capable of achieving the same or better than their grade level peers who are not in dual language (based on dual language research and best practice).Do you understand that learning two languages is a gradual process and takes a significant amount of time, practice, and parental support? *
I/We understand the information contained in this Family Commitment Form regarding the Harvard Dual Language Program in CUSD 50 and we are interested in continuing with the registration and enrollment process for my/our child. *
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