CVTC's PETER AND THE STARCATCHER Backstage Crew Application
Fill out this form for all those who want to be part of a backstage crew for the spring 2020 production of PETER AND THE STARCATCHER. We will get in contact with you when we receive your application to confirm your interest and timing. The first day of crew work is Monday, January 27th after school with our MANDATORY parent/student all-team meeting from 5:30 to 6:00 pm that night. See Mr. Scott in room 600/625 (Green Room) for questions.
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See printed list for rehearsal & performance dates and times.
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If you do have a job, do you anticipate having work hours during rehearsals or performances in the spring?
Are you ready to start working with your crew on Monday, January 27th after school and be committed to regular attendance throughout the rehearsal/crew work period up to and including performances and strike in April? *
Do you foresee any issues related to class schedule and/or grades next year? *
Have you ever worked backstage or taken a technical theatre class at CVHS before? *
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Have you ever signed into Virtual Callboard as a member of a previous Castle View Production? *
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Which of the following crews would you like to specialize in for this production? (you can choose two different crews if interested) *
Finally, what special skills or qualities do you have that will make you an outstanding leader of this production? *
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Have you found a copy of the production agreement from the CVTC call board (in the performing arts hallway) or from the CVTC website ( and filled it out - complete with your parent's signature? *
Have you made sure that you (and a parent) are available to attend the MANDATORY all-team meeting on January 27th from 5:30 to 6 pm? *
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