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Please complete this registry as completely as you possibly can so that we have an accurate accounting of your skills and completed training on file. Galveston County CERT will use this registry to help place volunteers in needed positions when an emergency effects our communities. We are looking to track the classroom and online training that you have successfully completed as well as capturing your skill sets that you have developed throughout your life either in your professional careers or your home life and hobbies that the county might use to the benefit of so many others in need.
Please take time to give an accurate accounting of your certifications and skill sets.
Thank you for taking time to make us aware of your certifications and skills!

If you have an account in Preparing Texas and would like to download your transcript and email it to John, please send the PDF to
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Full Name (First and Last) *
Cell Phone Number *
Email Address *
Have you completed IS-100, IS-200, IS-700, and IS-800 online? *
Have you completed ICS-300, Intermediate Incident Command System for Expanding Incidents *
Have you completed ICS-400, Advanced Incident Command System, Command and General Staff *
Have you completed a course like G-191 that has prepared you to staff and operate within the EOC (Emergency Operations Center)? *
Please list other FEMA, Homeland Security, TDEM, or TEEX certifications that you have completed that would be of value to our response in either a facilities support, IMT support, or ICS support role in the EOC. *
Have you completed a training on Emergency Phone Bank Operations or similar training? Or have you worked during an incident in the CERT Phone Bank? *
Are you currently a member of the CERT CSAT team and feel prepared to assist during an incident? *
Are you currently a member of the CERT Trailer Team and willing to help stage and move assets before, during, and after an incident? *
Are you able to work with others who might need trouble shooting help on a computer?  For example, can you help people who are having trouble logging into a computer or a program, do you know how to find a printer on a network, and can you help others who might struggle in this area? *
Are you capable of using Microsoft Products and Google Docs (both online and offline) and can you create documents and spreadsheets and share them with others?   *
Have you had training in setting up and operating a shelter? What organization sponsored the training? *
Would you be willing to work at the First Responder Camp in Santa Fe in a facilities support or ICS role? *
Are you a member of the CERT Drone Team and would you be available to perform damage assessments after the incident? *
Do you have your Part 107 license to be able to fly a drone? *
What skill sets do you possess that would be of value to the County either before, during, or after an emergency incident? (some examples may be: Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Welder, Data Entry skills, Excellent Note taking skills or penmanship, etc.)
Do you own assets that you would be willing to use in preparation for, during, or immediately after an emergency incident? (examples might be: airboat, shallow running boat, jet ski, high water vehicle, chain saw, empty cargo trailer, flatbed trailer, tow truck, etc.)
Please list any other skills or certifications that you possess that you would like to make available to the CERT response before, during, or after an emergency incident in Galveston County. Please be specific.
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