LTCC Community Survey on Metro WSAB line
Metro is planning ANOTHER NEW rail line that could possibly go through Little Tokyo - the West Santa Ana Branch (WSAB) Transit Line. This route goes from Santa Ana (Orange County) to Downtown Los Angeles, and 75% (6 out of 8) of the proposed routes Metro is considering go through Little Tokyo. At their May board meetings, the Metro Board will be voting which of the 8 route alternatives they will keep for environmental review and further study, while the rest will be discarded. Metro has fast-tracked this line, and is expecting to complete the line by 2028 (to be open and running by the LA 2028 Olympics).

The Little Tokyo Community Council (LTCC) wants to hear from all our Little Tokyo stakeholders! What are your major concerns? Which of the routes best serves the interests of Little Tokyo? LTCC, as the coalition-based organization of Little Tokyo stakeholders in our historic Japantown neighborhood, will determine our position based on the input we receive from the community and our stakeholders, so please tell us your thoughts!

The paper version of this survey can be found here:

For questions, further comments, and anything else, please contact LTCC at, or visit us online at

To view the route lines in further detail, the routes can be found here ( or on the LTCC website:

To learn more about the project, visit Metro's website at:

Overview of the West Santa Ana Branch Transit Line Options
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Route A: aerial on Alameda starting around 3rd St.
Route B: underground through Arts District, emerges to go aerial on Vignes
Route C: Aerial on Alameda all through Downtown to Union Station
Route D: Aerial on Alameda, tunnels west and north at 4th, emerges to go aerial on Vignes
Route E: underground on Alameda, station in Little Tokyo
Route F: underground on Alameda, station by Maryknoll, emerges on Vignes or Center
Route G: underground to 7th/Metro & Pershing Square, avoids Little Tokyo
Route H: heads east to LA River and terminates at 6th/Santa Fe. Avoids Little Tokyo.
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