WikiVet Live International Conference - Student Survey
To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of WikiVet, an online International Conference for the global audience of vet students with access to world leading educators will be hosted by Wikivet and the International Veterinary Students' Association Standing Committee on Veterinary Education (IVSA SCoVE).

This conference will be tailored towards students' interests. Through filling out this form, your valuable input will determine the topics and disciplines of our lectures, help us identify key speakers of such disciplines, and create a conference that is truly student-driven and student-centered.

We thank you for your valuable input, and hope that you are as enthusiastic about this event as we are!

- Wikivet and IVSA SCoVE

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2. Which of the following three time zones would be most convenient for you to attend webinars?
3. What species would you be interested in webinars on? *
4. Which subject areas would you be interested in attending webinars about? *
5. Do you have any suggestions for webinar topics to be included in the conference? *
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6. What length of webinar would you find most appealing? *
7. What languages (in addition to English) would you like to see webinars subtitled in?
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