New Orleans Family Justice Center: Volunteer Medical Advocate Application
Please fill out if you are interested in participating the in the February 2019 medical advocate training to support survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Questions? Email

In order to volunteer, you must:
1. Be at least 20 years old
2. Complete 40 hours of training (20 online and 20 in-person) provided by NOFJC
3. Complete a background check
4. Commit to volunteering at least 12 hours a month for one year

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Phone Number
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Email Address
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Availability to participate in Training
Please note, volunteers must attend a total of 20 hours of in-person training. We will also provide you with a 20-hour online training to do on your own time. Some make-up times may be avaliable.
Participants must attend ALL THREE (3) training dates. I can attend training on (please check all dates that apply):
If you are unable to attend these dates and times please provide other options:
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Any additional info on your availability/scheduling (i.e. if you have a conflict, need to come late, etc.)?
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I can commit to completing a 20-hour online training (provided by NOFJC as soon as your application is accepted)
I can commit to serving for 1 year as a Medical Advocate, covering at least two 6-hour shifts per month (12 hours total per month)
I have access to reliable transportation
I am willing to submit to a background check prior to volunteering.
Have you ever perpetrated any form of sexual abuse, domestic violence, harassment, or assault? If yes, please explain.
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Tell us a little about yourself..
Why are you interested in being a medical advocate?
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Please tell us about any experience you feel is relevant that you have had in life, school, at work, etc.
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Are you proficient in any languages other than English? If so what langage?
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Please List 2 references (Name, Title, relationship, contact info)
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Thank You!
Once we review your application, we will be in touch to clear up any questions from this application and confirm your registration. If you have further questions, please contact program coordinators Amanda and Jordan at
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