13th June at South Brighton Domain, Beatty Street

​Thursday 13th June at South Brighton Domain Beatty Street. This is our second to last workshop here.

Thank you everyone for helping, by ensuring all the bus cards had money again, dropping kids to South Brighton
and staying to supervise the workshops. ​

Last week we spent the morning with the City Council Education program learning about the importance of dune systems and the native or exotic plants and animals that call them home. Lots of interactive, action learning taking place as kids created environments and subjected them to storm surges and erosion.

As usual we​ will need 6 parents t​o​ help supervise ​this week ​please​.

I will be at the South Brighton Domain hall from 8.15am​ -3.15 pm​ to supervise kids arriving and leaving from there​ again​.
Debs and Libby will be meeting kids at school.
Debs and Libby will then
1)]Leave school at 9.05 to bus with kids (who hopefully all have metro cards) on the 60 line out to Beatty Street. This bus leaves at 9.19

If your child arrives on Thursday without a bus card we will try to organise some LA money to cover the cost of bussing this week as we did last week.. The difference is $2 on the metro card one way and $2.80 cash if there is no card.

Below is the form with all the logistics we need hope​fully​.

Thank you for taking the time to ​help make this happen!

Chat very soon, Melva and team
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My child has a loaded metro card or will have one by this Thursday, or cash for both journeys. *
I can transport from school at 8.55am *
I can transport back to school at 2.30pm *
I can stay to help supervise at these times, i.e 9am -2.15 or 9 -12 etc etc
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