Student Vocational Assessment Form
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1. What are some things that you enjoy doing?
2. What are some things that you do not consider yourself to be good at (or do not enjoy doing?)
3. What are some things you think you need to get better at learning? (Ex: Getting along with others, learning math, developing job skills, etc)
4. How do you learn best? Seeing? Hearing? Working with others? Doing something hands-on? OTHER?? (Write the answer below)
5. How do you spend your free time?
6. Do you belong to any clubs or are you involved with any activities? (Sports, Clubs, Tutoring, etc) If so, what are they?
7. What would you like to do when you finish high school? Ex: Schooling, Career, Etc? WHY?
8. What do you think that you have to do to prepare for this?
9. Do you have any job experiences either in school or out of school?
10. If so, what have you learned from these job experiences?
11. What is something that you have learned from school that can help you in life or on the job?
12. Who is in your household? Who do you live with?
13. What do your parents/guardians do for a living?
14. Do you plan on getting a driver's license?
15. After you graduate high school, where would you like to live and with whom?
16. What skills will you need to do this?
17. Do you have any medical conditions? If so, what? Ex: Asthma, ADHD
18. Do you take any medication for these conditions? Ex: Asthma medication, ADHD medication, etc.
19. What can the school do to better help you prepare for graduation?
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