Canary Radio WA - Terms & Conditions

1. This is a pretty open show, so there may be some language and content that may be considered offensive to some people. You download and / or listen to the podcast at your own risk and Canary Radio will not be held responsible should you, the listener, choose to listen to it.

2. Canary Radio WA does not claim ownership of any music that is played on the show. Songs are submitted by the artist themselves, or a member of the artists management/promotion team, with permission to play the submitted track.

Song Submission

1. Podcasts will be available for download, which means people will be able to download your music. If you do not want your music downloaded unfortunately it will not be included in the show. By agreeing to these terms when you submit your music, you are acknowledging your consent for your music to be downloaded as part of the show.

2. All persons submitting music to Canary Radio must own the rights and / or have express permission from the copyright holder, and be able to produce proof if/when requested, to submit music.

3. Persons submitting music to the show either reside in Western Australia, or are coming to Western Australia on tour. This is a local show, supporting local talent and local venues.

4. Persons / groups submitting music are not signed to any record labels, distribution deals or any other signing that does not allow them to submit their tracks. Canary Radio is only for artists that are unsigned and / or independent.

5. Whilst we believe in making this a beneficial experience for everyone, Canary Radio, at its discretion, may choose to exclude some tracks from its broadcast if they are found to be overly offensive or recording quality is not suitable.

6. Canary Radio does not guarantee tracks to be played in the very next podcast after track submission. Due to time restraints and keeping file sizes to a minimum, tracks may not appear until later podcasts.

7. Artists that submit their music to Canary Radio do so with the knowledge that they will not be paid any fee or royalties when their song is played. This show is a free promotional platform for musical artists, helping them get their music heard, therefore your payment comes in the form of free advertising.

8. Songs may be played in more than one episode of the podcast, for example in a “Flashback Episode”. If the artist’s situation has changed, where we are no longer allowed to play the track that was submitted, it is up to the artist to inform us of the situation.

9. Artists that have submitted a track to the show may submit subsequent tracks to us, not necessarily consecutively. These same Terms and Conditions apply to those subsequent tracks.

10. By sharing a URL and allowing us to download a track from that URL, for example SoundCloud, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Last Updated: 24th October 2016

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