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About us: we are Rosie and Will, partners in life and business and owners/ co-founders of W.R. Metalarts, a family business designing and handcrafting nature and vintage inspired engagement and wedding rings. All our materials are 100% sustainably and ethically sourced and our rings are made in our Southern Vermont studio by Will. We help our clients feel like they are right here in the studio with us by using social media and internet marketing to create an authentic client to maker experience.

Because 90% of our business is derived through targeted social media marketing and our eCommerce Shopify store, we need a social media marketing SUPERSTAR with a passion for creative entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices. We’re looking for an experienced marketing professional to join our team so we can reach even more amazing people who want a super unique and non-traditional ring buying experience.

After you complete this application PLEASE SEND EMAIL TO with resume attached and subject line: #applied
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