2017 UACMF - DJ Donation
This form is for djs to donate their time and talent to Relay For Life at the Unmasking A Cure Medieval Faire. The Faire runs from May 19 - June 18, 2017. We need DJs throughout the faire. A stream will be provided for your use at the Faire. You will be required to utilize ad drops and speak on voice for announcements. When you sign up please be on the look out for an invitation to the UACMF Behind the Scenes Group, we will send it one week ahead of the start of the faire. By signing up you understand that no tip jars will be rezzed and all performance fees are a donation. Contact Mary Teodosio in world for more information.
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Are you a registered member of an RFL of SL team other than Unmasking A Cure? *
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How many listeners does your stream hold? We may require you to use it as a back up.
We will have announcements to make will you be able to deliver them via voice on air?
What kind of music do you play? *
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We need djs thoroughout the faire. Would you be able to give us more than one set? *
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Please Provide the following to Mary Teodosio inworld.
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2. Bio
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