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The term "agency" is a social science term, defined as the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices. Our publication has adopted this term as its name to reflect our mission to give the LMU community the tools they need to be independent and to be a news source for a diverse range of individuals. "Agency" can also refer to how we aspire our organization to function as a tight-knit community, based on our shared interest of promoting change as a singular entity. Why are you interested in joining AGENCY? What do you bring to the table for this publication? (150 words max) *
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If accepted, are you planning to use your experience with us as credit for the Internship Practicum requirement for the journalism major? *
I understand that applying does not guarantee my acceptance into AGENCY. I give my consent to being contacted via the information I have provided for further clarification on my application and/or to schedule an in-person interview. *
I understand that all positions will be unpaid until AGENCY can afford to compensate staff, which is not guaranteed. *
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