Join 32 Days to Purpose and Passion

Have you wondered if you were meant for more? If more was meant for you?

Did the pandemic prompt you to reprioritize your life and reconsider your vocation?
While life and work has returned to relative normalcy, have you abandoned your quest to explore potential new professional directions, but still feel the future whispering, maybe even screaming, at you to answer the call to adventure, but you don’t know what that adventure is, or you do, but want validation that this future you envision is viable?

If you checked the majority of the boxes above, this is your sign that my 32-day focus group starting soon is exactly what you need.

Why I’m doing this:

I published this journal in 2014 while I was Drexel University faculty. I set a deadline for myself and pushed myself to release it without needing it to be perfect. I knew some day I would want to update and optimize it, and that, in the meantime, it would help people gain clarity in it’s published state.

What I have found is that people who are not in the habit of journaling tended to not complete it. Even those who were habitual journalers found the prompts very challenging.

Most of my clients, in fact, opted to invest up to $1,000 to work with me 1:1 in career discovery because they wanted a partner; they didn’t want to go it alone, even if the cost was only $14.99 and 30 days.

I love partnering with people on career discovery. However, as I announced prior to the new year, I am beginning a journey to shift from business operator to business owner so that I can further develop as a workforce advocate and lay the ground work for my big dream, founding and building an eco village. My commitment to myself and the professionals that I serve is to make sure that effective, powerful conscious careering solutions and services remain accessible

I’m offering for 30 people to take a 32-day journey through the ebook while testing various methods designed to help you accelerate building the habits that

We’ll start as soon as these 30 seats are full. It will require about 25 minutes per day to participate.

The rewards:

Free access to the guide
An accountability community
Form future-building habits that will help you compound your efforts and bring the future closer to the present
Complete and enjoy 15% off ongoing career branding/coaching, hypnosis or leadership coaching services

What it will look like:

Fill out the simple interest form
If you are accepted into the focus group, you will join the Facebook community and agree to the terms
Gain access to the book and participate by journaling, posting, and taking a quick survey each day
(Optional) You will have access to MP3s to listen to before you go to sleep that will help you adopt the habit of journaling and participate daily that can carry over post-program to other career and personal development activities.
Learn neuroscience-based breakthrough practices proven to enhance your mental and emotional state and results

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