Request for Service Form: Heater/ A/C Tune-up
Please fill out this form in its entirety. Once you have met the requirements, your request will be confirmed and you will be contacted with next steps. The first 10 confirmed registrants will receive this service.
Previous Deadline: December 17th, 2020

New Deadline: December 31st, 2020

Once confirmed we will schedule a heater tune-up and/or an A/C tune-up, free of cost to you.
Complete offer includes one (1) tune-up of electric or gas heater and one (1) tune-up of air conditioner;
excludes oil systems, boilers.
A/C tune-up service will be scheduled in advance to be performed in the spring before 5/15/21.

- One system per request.
- Eastside Residents only

Below is the 21- point inspection that will be performed with each of these services

Gas and Electric Furnace 21-Point Precision Tune-Up
1. Camera inspection of furnace and heat exchanger
2. Test airflow for deadly carbon monoxide
3. Test ignition system for safe and proper operation
4. Test safety and control circuits for proper operation
5. Test exhaust system for proper venting
6. Lubricate and clean blower motor air vents
7. Measure temperature differences – supply and return
8. Inspect and adjust fan belt tension (if applicable)
9. Calibrate and level thermostat (if applicable)
10. Inspect for combustible materials around furnace
11. Brush, clean and blow-out burner
12. Brush, clean and blow-out heat exchanger
13. Test furnace flame for proper burn mechanism
14. Clean or replace up to a 1" filter
15. Measure and adjust gas pressure for peak efficiency
16. Lubricate all moving parts per manufacturer
17. Measure amperage and voltage of blower motor
18. Tighten and inspect all electrical wiring
19. Clean upper and lower combustion vents
20. Test for natural gas leaks
21. Clean furnace exterior

Air Conditioning 21-Point Precision Tune-Up
1. Calibrate and level thermostat
2. Clean filters as needed
3. Monitor volts/amps on fan motor
4. Lubricate and inspect bearings for wear
5. Clean indoor coil if accessible
6. Flush/treat condensate drain with anti-algae
7. Inspect condenser coil
8. Monitor operating pressure of refrigerant
9. Inspect safety devices for proper operation
10. Inspect disconnect box for proper rating and installation
11. Tighten all electrical connections
12. Test/inspect contactors for burned, pitted contacts
13. Inspect electrical system for exposed wiring
14. Test and inspect capacitors
15. Inspect fan blade
16. Clean condenser coil and remove debris
17. Inspect service valves for proper operation
18. Measure temperature difference – supply/return
19. Inspect duct work for energy loss
20. Monitor compressor for proper amperage, volt draw & wiring connections
21. Clean debris from around the condenser
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