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Who we are:
The Native Garden Coalition is a student-run division of SELVA International offering volunteer and internship opportunities in the environmental field.

What we do:
We mobilize students to learn about and engage in drought-resistant landscaping at residences throughout Los Angeles. On-site, our volunteers and interns create drought-friendly designs for the gardens, manually remove the lawns, prepare them for relandscaping, and plant native vegetation.

Why we do it:
California is in the midst of one of its worst droughts on record, making the need to conserve water more crucial than ever. Residential lawns waste significant amounts of our water supply. According to the EPA, up to 60% of a household’s water consumption is used to maintain its lawn. Under the current drought conditions, we simply cannot afford to misuse such large quantities of water.
Instead, implementing native gardens saves water while increasing biodiversity and reducing ocean runoff. Native plant species are naturally adapted to drier conditions, and do not require extensive watering like grass lawns. By replacing lawns with native gardens, we can combat the drought by saving water and preserving California’s native species.

**Dedicated and consistent volunteers may have opportunities to move up to intern positions.**

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