Becoming a partner/friend
We are so excited to welcome you to apply for becoming an official partner/friend of the Luxmama Club & ParentPrep asbl.

Please see below further details for the application:

Partners: You are required to offer a set discount %/special benefit to Luxmama Club & ParentPrep's event and workshop attendees and to our members. Currently - partnerships are offered free of charge

Friends: Perhaps we can help each other somehow. Maybe you have venue space we can use, etc. or maybe you are an NGO/info-website for example that can not offer benefits but would like to do promotional swaps with us as our audience/community is similar.

Once finalised:
- you will receive an official Luxmama Partner/Friends badge to display on your website/similar
- the partnership/friendship will be announced on the below Facebook Pages and Facebook Group
- your activity will be highlighted in the next open slot in our e-mail newsletter
- as well as listed on the Luxmama Club & ParentPrep's Partner List, that our community can download.
- Friends will also be listed on our website under "Friends":
Our Facebook Page/group:

For further promotional opportunities, please refer:

- Please note that we have the right to disapprove/discontinue any partnership/friendship based on our internal guidelines, if we believe it's in the interest of expecting and new parents/not in the best interest of the ongoing activities of our asbl.

Please provide your email address *
Please provide the official name of your business/activity *
Please provide a short description of your business/activity. *
Partners - please provide the discount %/benefit you would like to offer, Friends - please explain how we can help each other *
Partners, please confirm that you will be able to add the partnership discount code which we will provide to your website. *
Alternatively if that is not possible, please confirm that you will allow discount to clients when they quote the code in person/via email.
Please provide your website as well as social media links. *
Similarly, please provide your postal address where Luxmama Club promotional maternial can be mailed to and similarly whether you would be able to hand out these should you come across potential clients/members for us. *
As soon as the above steps are finalised and your application is processed (pending internal resources), the partnership/friendship will be announced in the next open spot in the newsletter of the Luxmama Club as well as on the FB Pages and FB Group. You are welcome and encouraged to let your mailing list also know of the new partnership/friendship.
To be able for us to include a feature on your business/activity in our newsletter, please provide a longer description of your business/activity with a personal message, e.g. - why you are passionate about your product/service/activity and the relevance to expecting and new parents. Don't hesitate to email us some pictures to use as well! *
Luxmama Official Partner/Friend Badge
When your application is finalised, you will receive an official Luxmama Partner/Friend badge to be uploaded on your website. Similarly, we will add your logo on our website. Below you will find our website link to link the badge to as well as a description of us that you can use. Please confirm that you will display your new badge when received.
If we don't yet have your logo, please send them to *
Luxmama Club & Parent Prep asbl:, A not-for-profit organisation raising awareness for green, natural & holistic parenting alternatives, birth rights and perinatal mental health by offering a variety of inspiring social and educational events in Luxembourg, designed so couples can make the most of becoming and being new parents in the modern world today. *
Please right click and save for any potential future use where you need our official logo:
Social Media Sharing
If possible, please like our FB pages and kindly share/schedule to share something on your FB business page of your partnership with the:
Luxmama Club & ParentPrep asbl.
Other ways to gain exposure
Don't hesitate to take a look at all the other various ways to collaborate with us:
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