Conscious Golf
Winning the Inner game
'Cultivating Mindfulness, Presence & Inner awareness through Golf'

Would you like to make golf into a practice of self-awareness?
Would you like to learn how to play from a place of stillness and presence?
Would you like to be able to play with a quiet mind?
Are you open to the wider lessons the game teaches?
If so then Conscious golf may be for you!

What is Conscious Golf?

Conscious Golf explores the potential for self-awareness through the game of golf. Golf acts like a mirror for our inner world and is a powerful tool to become more conscious. Golf naturally exposes patterns of behaviour and thought processes so that whatever we believe about ourselves off the course will always manifest itself on the course. Conscious Golf is open to players of all ages and abilities and takes place in Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

What are the main principles of Conscious Golf?

*Learn to play from the still point within
*Master the critical and judgmental mind
*See golf as a meditation in action
*Master strong emotions such as doubt, fear, and anger.
*Develop unconditional confidence in yourself
*Learn the life lessons the game teaches
*Stop beating yourself
*See Golf as a tool for self-discovery and inner peace

About Paul

Paul began playing golf as a young boy and has been a single figure golfer all his life. He has a professional background as a PE teacher and taught sports in schools and colleges for over 15 years. He set up the first residential holistic golf college in the UK for students aged 16-19 who wanted to become professional golfers. For the last ten years, he has been traveling throughout Europe holding mindfulness and meditation retreats as a spiritual teacher. (

He views golf as a spiritual practice and plays every day if he can. He offers 1-1 conscious golf instruction and conscious golf group workshops. Paul is in the unique position of being a lifetime golfer with a wealth of experience in the game alongside 30 years of spiritual practice and self-development work.

'I have always seen golf as a meditation in action. A practice of staying present with what is going on both within you and on the course. Golf offers the possibility of being in nature whilst playing a sport that requires creativity, discipline, imagination, and the potential to be both humbled and amazed within a relatively short period of time. I love the nature of the game. It always brings me joy, gratitude, and deep appreciation as well as valuable personal insights.'

Paul offers (Held in Spain, Sweden, and the UK at different times of the year)

4-day group intensives
Santa Clara Golf Club Granada Spain 4 day group intensive, maximum 6 players. The course includes both on and off course tuition.

Individual 1-1 sessions
It is possible to meet Paul for a private two hour on course session or a one-hour online session. The cost for these are £50per hour

'Just Play'
Join The Conscious Golf Society where we play golf together several times each year.

To register or to receive further information on these courses please complete the booking form below.


Why golf as opposed to other sports?
Golf is the most Zen-like game. The balls waits to be hit and it's all done in our own time.
This combination makes the game unique for internal work. This is backed up by the countless books and movies that have explored this subject.

Are the courses delivered on the course or in a meeting room?
To begin and end the day we will be in a meeting room to share our focus for the day but the course is experiential which means being on the golf course. You will have the chance to play 18 holes of golf every day and practice as much as you like.

Is there any technical golf tuition?
This is not a technical course, although some pointers and guidance may be offered if necessary.
The main focus is on the inner game and becoming more conscious.

Is there any more information I can look at?
Yes Paul has a Conscious Golf Facebook page

'Golf is the toughest sport. You're completely alone with every conceivable opportunity to defeat yourself. Golf brings out your assets and liabilities as a person. The longer you play, the more certain you are that a man's performance is the outward manifestation of who, in his heart, he really thinks he is' Hale Irwin (3 times US Open winner)

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Playing golf at Santa Clara Granada, the spiritual home of conscious golf
With fellow conscious golfer Tim in Sweden
With fellow conscious golfer Anders in Norway
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