NY Legal Tech Map
The #nylegaltech community has exploded since we held our first meetup back in 2017. It's been a wild ride, and we think this is just the start.

As we work to continue supporting and promoting the NYC-based legal technology ecosystem, we would like to have--and to share--a better understanding of just who's in it. To kick things off, we've been working on a map to highlight the projects and companies our members are working on and where to find them. Help us finish it!

If you work on legal innovation or legal tech out of NYC, we'd love to hear from you and consider including your organization/project on the #nylegaltech NY Legal Tech Map! Just fill out the form below.

(NOTE: While we welcome submission from everyone with projects and ventures at all stages of development, we'll be applying some set of criteria for inclusion and exercising some reasonable discretion to ensure we're presenting the most helpful information possible.)
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