Should Milpitas Award Contract to Newby/Republic Services/Allied Waste? Let the City Council Know.
Dear Milpitas Residents,

Should the City of Milpitas award the next ten-year garbage collection contract to Newby Island Landfill?

During the bidding process, the city conducted a survey asking the residents many questions. However, no question ever  touched on the sensitive "odor" and "public nuisance" issue that everyone in town is affected by.

In October 2016, the City Council of Milpitas will be presented of a recommendation for the next garbage collection contract  from the city staff. The city staff believe that the majority of Milpitas residents are only willing to select the contract that has the lowest rate, regardless of any other considerations.

To help the city council assess the residents' preference in choosing our next garbage collector, we ask that you fill out this survey, and answer the question that the city has never asked.

Please note, this garbage collection contract is not the disposal contract that Measure L is about. However, these two contracts are closely related. If Milpitas will NOT give ANY garbage contracts to Newby, then Newby will have a less chance to get its expansion approved.

Please let the city know how you feel about Newby and this garbage collection contract.
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Did you know that Newby Island Landfill takes waste in 1,200 trucks, from more than 70 cities, from as far as Sacramento and Fresno County?
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Did you know that you can call 1-800-334-6367 to report odor to Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)?
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Did you know that according to BAAQMD, the majority of odor complaints in the south east bay region comes from Newby Island Landfill and Recyclery?
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Did you know that Since the beginning of 2015, Newby received 20 Notices of Violation from BAAQMD?
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Did you know that in April of 2015, the City of Milpitas declared Newby Landfill a Public Nuisance?
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Did you know that Newby also received additional violations from other regulatory agencies including San Jose Local Enforcement Agency, CalRecycle and San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board?
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Did you know that currently Milpitas waste goes to Newby, and generates foul air at the sorting facility during school hours, and at the recyclery and composting sites during the day, in the evenings, even at late night and on weekends?
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Did you know that the median home price in Milpitas is $122,300 lower than Santa Clara County median home price?
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Did you know that an average Milpitas household earns $5,947 more compared to Santa Clara County median household income?
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Are you willing to pay up to $5 more monthly, in order NOT to have your waste (trash, recyclables, and yard waste) sent to Newby, a public nuisance? *
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Thank you for your response. We will present the survey results to the Milpitas City Council.
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