Setting Your Goals
Here we set our goals. In the box below set your yearly health goal and then ask why? Write your answer then ask why? Ask 5 times.
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How To Lay Out The Goals
Setting a goal or our health and giving our self direction.

When we are clear on our goals throughout our lives it gives us an opportunity to look and see if there are any areas that are contradicting each other and allows us to make the necessary preparations adjustments.


1 Year goal - To feel healthy and strong

I want to feel confident that I have control over my health and body

I want to reduce the risk of illness and be responsible for my life

I want to be able to experience life and be spontaneous with my family

I enjoy being adventurous and spending quality time outdoors with my family

This may be difficult to as these questions, It is completely understandable. Try your best and remember that when we go deeper into the why we are more likely to stay motivated.
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