Pupil Survey
Please answer coherently and honestly
I am in:
I enjoy school
I know my target score/grade in each subject
I work to the best of my ability in each subject
I know my monthly attendance
I feel challenged by the work in my lessons
If I don’t understand the work, I know how to get help
I record my tracking scores in my planner after each assessment
I know how to improve my scores for my next tracking assessment in each subject
I set a target every cycle in my planner for subjects, behaviour and attendance
There is a good range of extra-curricular activities available
I feel safe and secure in school
If I have a problem, I feel I will be listened to and helped
I know the people who are in charge of child protection in the school
Our school environment is respected and kept clean and tidy
Positive Discipline and the credit system encourages me to improve my attendance, work and behaviour
I work in pairs and groups in lessons
I enjoy taking part in activities which benefit others in my local and across the world (such as charity work, litter picking, raising money for charities etc)
There are good relationships between teachers and pupils
I know what the students' council does
I know how to raise an issue to the students' council
The school offers a variety of healthy and nutritious food
I take pride in my uniform and appearance
I know my learning style (visual, audio or kinaesthetic)
Knowing my learning style helps me study
On average, how long do you spend doing your homework per night?
The behaviour in my class helps me learn
What extra-curricular activities / clubs would you like to see offered?
Your answer
What types of food would you like to see offered in the canteen?
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