Jersey Giant Subs - Wednesday
Jersey Giant Subs is offering sandwiches on Wednesday!

Subs are $5 for an 8-inch sub
We accept cash, check or an ACH for the amount.
Credit card payments can be made at

You can order for the rest of the year, until Winter Break or week by week - there is a discount applied when you order one of the first two options.

Please complete your order by Wednesday, September 16th to be included in the September 19th order. If you are ordering week by week, please have your order submitted no later than 9am on the Mondays - orders are sent to Jersey Giant at 10am Monday morning for Wednesday lunches.

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Second Semester Option - $95
Please select your choice of sub to be delivered every wednesday for the rest of the school year. Total cost is $95.
Weekly Option - $5 per week
Please select the specific dates you would like to receive subs
March 6
March 13
March 20
March 27
April 10
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May 1
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May 15
May 22
May 29
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