INVIVO Services Survey
Greetings INVIVO Community! As we continue to open more yoga and fitness in-person services at INVIVO, we are asking for your feedback on a few important topics. We need to hear from you about your thoughts and expectations. Thank you!
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1. Are you ready to return to INVIVO for the following? Select all services that apply. *
2. Since COVID-19, are you concerned with using the following, although they are thoroughly cleaned between use: cardio equipment, shared gym or yoga equipment, floors, showers, and towels? *
2. Comments / Concerns
3. How much attention will you, yourself, pay to social distancing in the facility, gym, and classes? *
4. How soon before you re-enter the facility? *
5. How likely are you to workout in controlled IN-PERSON class settings of 6 or 10 people? *
Very likely
Not likely
6. What type of classes will you take? Select all that apply. *
7. What types of classes would you like available? Responses are required in each row. *
Hatha Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga
Chair Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Yin Yoga
Prenatal Yoga
Nidra / Meditation
Cardio Circuit
HIIT Cardio
Skill-based classes (i.e. best squat form)
Strength Circuit
TRX (suspension)
8. What times would you most likely attend an IN-PERSON class? (Check all that apply) *
9. What times would you most likely attend a LIVE VIRTUAL class? (Check all that apply) *
10. When would you feel comfortable returning to INVIVO? *
11. Will you be comfortable taking extra steps such as wearing a mask, handwashing (before and after class), bringing your own Yoga mats & props, respecting social distancing protocols, and signing a health waiver? *
12. When you do plan on coming back to the Studio, what can we do to make you feel most comfortable given the current health situation? *
13. What do miss about INVIVO? How can we help? *
14. Do you have any other feedback, comments or questions for us? *
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