The Hong Kong Children's Choir Alumni Chapter Application
The Hong Kong Children’s Choir Alumni Chapter
 To identify and foster relationships among HKCC alumni
 To promote and encourage lifelong interests in choral music
 To support HKCC as one of the best and biggest choirs in the world

 All former HKCC members who have joined one or more HKCC courses for no less than
one year are welcome to join the Alumni Chapter
 Alumni joining HKCC on or before Year 2002 must provide proof of identity (example
HKCC membership card; HKCC report card; HKCC certificate; HKCC reference letter;
HKCC house programme with applicant’s name; photo taken with HKCC uniform).
Photocopies are accepted.
 Successful applicants will receive a HKCC Alumni Chapter Membership Card by mail

 Invitation to join HKCC Alumni Choir and perform at HKCC Annual Gala Concerts
 HKCC newsletters
 Discount on HKCC merchandizes
 Discount on tickets to HKCC concerts
 Invitation to alumni events

Membership Fee: Free of Charge

For more details, please visit:

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英文姓氏 Family Name in English *
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工作機構 Working Organization
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曾於「香兒」參與之音樂藝術訓練 Artistic Training Received at HKCC *
入團年份 Year of Joining *
離團年份 Year of Leaving *
離團時最高班別 Highest class attended before leaving *
在2002年或以前份團之舊生, 請遞交證明以作核實 For members joining on or before Year 2002, please submit proof of identity
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