2019 PSI 2-day certificate scholarship application
This application is for those interested in attending as PSI 2-day certificate workshop. NOTE: there are none scheduled locally in 2019- so please be aware of travel expenses. Dates/locations for 2019 available here: http://www.postpartum.net/professionals/trainings-events/psi-certificate-training/ Check back- as they add new locations often! Completion of this certification will give 14.5 CE units in perinatal mental health. We encourage applying to become part of our provider resource list upon completion!

We have 4 partial scholarships that will give you $200 off of the registration fee:
Full registration fee= $375 (w/ scholarship, $175)
PSI Members= $325 (with scholarship, $125)
PSI Volunteers or student rate= $275 (with scholarship, $75)

Priority will be given to professionals working with underserved populations (outstate/rural areas, non-English speaking/multicultural groups, uninsured, etc.) or those who are underrepresented on our resources. MINNESOTA residents only. If you have questions, please email info@ppsupportmn.org.

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