OCTOBER 25, 2020
This series has been leading us through the Tabernacle, stopping along the way at each piece of furniture. Today, we enter The Holy Place. This is the tent of worship within the Tabernacle perimeter. The first room of the tent of worship contains three pieces of furniture. The first of which is The Table of Showbread, also known as The Table of the Bread of Presence.
Exodus 25:23-30-—“You are to construct a table of acacia wood, thirty-six inches long, eighteen inches wide, and twenty-seven inches high. 24Overlay it with pure gold and make a gold molding all around it. 25 Make a three-inch frame all around it and make a gold molding for it all around its frame. 26 Make four gold rings for it, and attach the rings to the four corners at its four legs. 27 The rings should be next to the frame as holders for the poles to carry the table. 28 Make the poles of acacia wood and overlay them with gold, and the table can be carried by them. 29 You are also to make its plates and cups, as well as its pitchers and bowls for pouring drink offerings. Make them out of pure gold. 30 Put the Bread of the Presence on the table before Me at all times.”
God had instructed that the table be built of acacia [ah-cay-sha] wood and covered over by gold. Remember the Altar of Burnt Sacrifice was wood covered in bronze, and the Laver was also made of bronze. Bronze was symbolic of judgment. But everything in The Holy Place was made of gold.
Wood symbolized ___________________, while gold represented ____________
Exodus 38:8— And he made the laver of brass, and the foot of it of brass, of the looking glasses of the women assembling, which assembled at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation.
So this special table was a _______________ representation of the place where God and man came together in communion.
However, the PERFECT representation of God and man coming together was accomplished through the life of ___________________ ___________. While the table was man wrapped in God, Jesus was God wrapped in a man!
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