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Creative Kabira is an organisation which is facilitating young people in their journey of creative confidence. It conducts talks, discussions, workshops and seminars to help them be more aware, expressive, creative, confident, self-directed and happy.In the times of rising competition and anxiety it important that we prepare our children holistically and give them good support to make career and relationship decisions of their choice.

We know as an educational institute you have taken a stand for your students to have a vibrant and progressive life ahead. We have created our special offering for educational institutes so that teenagers can develop themselves holistically within the institute itself.

Register your institute with us, so that we can connect with you to impact the students at your institute with our services.

Register with us as an educational institute
You can register with us as an educational institute. We would be more than happy to partner with you. Infact, we look forward to it !

In the year 2018 we look forward to serve a maximum of 10 educational institutes with our services. At this point in time we have a bandwidth to serve only the educational institutes based in Pune, India.

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