(TLS) TheLastSnag Volunteer Graphics Designer - Application
The following application is to help us find the specific type of person we are looking for. It is for those that have the following:

- Someone who is familiar with our website (www.thelastsnag.wixsite.com/thelastsnag) and has read the "about us" page knowing what our "main project" or goal is for our website(s).
- Who also believes in our project and wants to see it become a reality, and in order to do so really wants to see our website and social media pages become popular and do well.
- Someone who has actually spent time looking at the different pages on our website and has ideas on how to improve the look and user interface to be more smooth and easy to navigate.
- Someone who is detail-oriented.
- Someone who has intermediate or higher skills in a graphic arts program like an Adobe product (doesn't have to be adobe but does need to be a graphic arts program) and can illustrate skill and knowledge in the program of choice.
- (Optional) someone who has taken time to look at and become familiar with our social media sites as well and has ideas for improving their looks as well. [Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram].

- Deep, passionate love and knowledge of the Avatar The Last Airbender series, The Legend of Korra series, or preferably both. (It's fine if you've only seen one of the series, but knowledge of both shows is preferred.)
- That same passion and love for wanting to see the show made into a perfect live-action film adaptation.
- Someone who can work independently without having to have someone constantly over their shoulder making sure that they get their work done. That has a strong sense to take the initiative and still work on your job/tasks even if we don't contact you for a week or two.
- Someone who will stay in contact with the owners (long term) and constantly provide reports on their specific responsibilities.
- Someone who can not only work well on their own and get their job done but is also a team player and can work well with others.
- Willingness to be humble and teachable.
- Future characteristics will be added as team members join and the websites grow. As owners, we reserve the right to add or remove characteristics we are looking for in past or future applications.

The following application will test your knowledge of the show in ruthless ways. On this questionnaire, we ask that you try to avoid one to two sentence answers unless asked to use them. We ask that you remain honest and don't look things up on the internet unless asked to, simply answer the questions to the best of your abilities (besides, some questions will ask you for your own opinion so you can't cheat and google the answers anyway).

Best of luck to you and may Ravaa guide your answers. ;)
Full Name
Please put your first and last name. (false emails, names, or numbers will automatically suspend your application.)
Please put your email you wish to be contacted by. (false emails, names, or numbers will automatically suspend your application.)
Please put the phone number you want to be contacted by. If you don't have a phone put 000-000-0000. (false emails, names, or numbers will automatically suspend your application.)
Digital Graphic Arts Designer Roles and Brief Responsibilities
(*this application is still in beta mode meaning it will be refined in terms of questions and roles. We can clarify any questions you have once you have applied.
Graphics Director: [we really need one of these right now]

- Not only do you perform Digital Graphic Arts tasks for TLS but you manage and delegate jobs and other responsibilities towards your GA Team Members, YOU are the head of our GA department and will consistently report directly to Dan and Marcel about the different ideas, jobs, and stats concerning our GA Program, as well as the behaviors of your Team and how they get along with each other.

Graphics Team Member:

- Under the GA Directors supervision, you will brainstorm, create, revise, coordinate, and publish Digital Graphic Arts projects for our website and social media site(s). (once hired more detail will be provided on specifics of each role).
Which Role are you trying out for? *
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