RDC - Class Cancellation - School Year 2019-2020
As stated in our studio policies, a written notice, is required to cancel a class and stop tuition charges. Tuition is billed and due on the first day of each month during the session. Once tuition has been billed on the first calendar day of the month, the account is obligated for that calendar month. In order to stop further tuition obligations for the class session, this form must be completed and submitted to RDC by midnight PACIFIC TIME on the last calendar day of the month. The Cancellation will be effective for the following calendar month (EX: For cancellations for September 2019, this form must be received by midnight on August 31, 2019). FOR CANCELLATIONS FOR JANUARY 2020, THIS FORM MUST BE RECEIVED BY 2PM ON SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2019.

The Account Holder is responsible for tuition payments, account charges and late fees incurred through the last day of the month a dancer is registered in a class regardless of attendance. Your response will be time and date stamped automatically upon submission. This form must be fully completed in order for us to process your cancellation. PRE PAID TUITION IS NOT REFUNDABLE AND CAN'T BE CREDITED TO ANOTHER DANCER OR SESSION.
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