Contra Costa College Office of Financial Assistance Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Quiz
Instructions: If you are filing a SAP Appeal due to a deficiency in GPA or completion rate, the following quiz is required for the Appeal process. A passing score is 70%. Students who do not achieve a passing score will be notified by email (to their District email account) and may retake the quiz. The Appeal form is available on InSite Portal and the Office of Financial Assistance web site. Answers to the questions can be found in the SAP Policy, which is also available on InSite Portal and on our web site. It is the student's responsibility to read and understand the SAP Policy before taking the quiz. Good luck!
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1. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is the minimum academic and progress requirements that I must maintain in order to remain eligible to receive student financial assistance. *
2. What is the minimum semester and cumulative GPA that you must maintain in order to be eligible to be considered for financial assistance? *
3. What is the minimum semester and cumulative pace of progression that you must maintain in order to be eligible to be considered for financial assistance? *
4. Which of the following grades is considered to be an attempted unit with no credit received? *
5. If I enroll in 12 units and receive 'W' grades for 6 of my units and passing grades for the other 6 units, my completion rate will be 50% and I could lose my eligibility for financial assistance. *
6. I can only receive financial assistance for up to 100 percent of the maximum units required for completion of my academic program. *
7. If I am enrolled in a 60 unit degree program, what is the maximum timeframe of units I can attempt before I become ineligible for financial assistance? *
8. When filing the Appeal, I must be able to demonstrate an extenuating circumstance. Which of the following is NOT considered an extenuating circumstance? *
9. I am required to submit supporting documentation with my appeal. *
10. Fill in the blank: If my appeal is approved, I will be reinstated for financial aid eligibility and placed on _________ status. *
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