Familias Mentorship Program 2019-2020 Alumni and Graduate Students
Thank you for your interest in the Familias Mentorship Program! Please fill the form below completely so that you can be partnered with current undergrads, graduate students, and alumni of the University of Pennsylvania. Even if you participated in Familias in years prior, you must fill out this form so we can connect you to current students. At the start of the Fall Semester, you will receive an email with the contact information of all of the members of your Familia. If you have any questions, please reach out to Kareli Lizarraga at kareli@upenn.edu. We appreciate your interest and support of Latinx students at Penn!
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If you participated in Familias last year and would like to be matched with the same people, please write down their full names below. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to place you in the same Familia but we will try!
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Please rate the level of importance of the interests listed below. This will help us partner you with a mentor with similar interest/ areas of expertise. 1 is not very interested; 5 is very interested. *
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Apply/attend a liberal arts grad program
Apply/ attend med school
Apply/ attend business school
Apply/ attend law school
Doing research at Penn
Professional development
Addressing mental health issues
Addressing issues that impact undocumented/ DACAmented immigrants
Addressing and supporting Afro-Latinx issues and identity
Exploring my LGBTQIA identity
Exploring my faith
Would you be able to connect with all the members of your Familia (about 3-4 people), at least once a month? *
If you are in Philly or will be in the area: Are you interested in helping us lead a Cafe Con Leche (informal dialogue series where alumni can share more about their life post Penn or about their career and academic trajectories) or Study Break?
What are you hoping to gain and contribute from joining this mentorship program? *
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What sorts of supports and materials would you find helpful to receive from La Casa Latina to be a strong mentor to your Familia? *
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