Playroom@SCP 空間遊樂室@中環智慧文化區 
Venue and Date 地點及日期 :
- Central Market G/F Interactive Wall 中環街市地下互動牆 (2.12.2023)
- Lok Hing Lane Sitting-out Area, Central 中環樂慶里休憩處 (1st quarter 2024)
Time 時間 : 1400 - 1700
Fee 費用 : $50 (Children 小朋友) / $100 (Teenager 青少年)

Playroom@SCP includes the following 3 amazing activities 空間遊樂室@中環智慧文化區包括以下精彩活動 :
[1] Art Workshop 藝術創作坊 :
You can draw on a paper to visualise your ideal Central. After that you can use recycled materials, such as old newspapers and magazines, to create cutouts and 3D models to beautify your masterpiece! 
[2] DIY Puzzle 手作拼圖 :
You will use recycled papers and cardboards to create your own puzzles about key landmarks in Central!  

[3] Goods Exchange - Toy Box, Book Club and Clothes Chest 舊物交換 - 玩具、書本和衣物共分享:
We encourage you to bring at least one of your toys, books or clothing to play, swap, and share with other children. There will be some used toys, books and clothes provided for exchange at the event as well! This will help you learn to share your old toys / books / clothes with other children in need and become sustainable young citizens of Hong Kong.
Each participating child or teenager will get a free gift card, a chalk box and an SCP map! First come first served.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact ISU at 2129 0169.
如有問題,歡迎致電 2129 0169 聯絡 ISU。
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Number of teenager participant of 13-18 years 13-18歲青少年參加人數 ($100/each 一人)
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$50 (Children 小朋友) / $100 (Teenager 青少年)
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